Habits that Can Damage Skin for Your Face. One of the joys of all people, especially women have facial skin is smooth and soft. How not to skin conditions such confidence is increasing. So do not be surprised if they are willing to do a variety of facial treatments to keep the skin from acne and other black spots. Even sometimes they are willing to spend big for that purpose

The problem is many people who want to have facial skin smooth and soft still treat the skin with a haphazard manner. As a result, a variety of treatments that have done so at great cost they bear fruit damage the skin. So no wonder the skin is acne to wrinkles the skin appears to have contracted skin cancer.

It’s important for you to provide the best treatment for the skin. At least there was some mild habits that allow you to regret for a long time.


Habits that can damage the skin


1. Smoking

It is common knowledge that smoking is a bad habit that is very dangerous. Impair the function of organs in the body for sure. Moreover, smoking also affects the quality of the skin. The content in cigarettes can form the enzyme matrix metalloproteinases that destroy collagen.

The face becomes wrinkled, there are black spots and fine lines easy to appear at a young age. So not surprisingly, skin cell rejuvenation process disrupted because of the flow of virgin inhibited. Even worse if the habit persists risk of skin cancer a matter of time. Are you willing to take that risk?

2. Drinking alcohol

Lately, many people who make a habit of drinking alcohol to relieve stress or just boost your confidence. Despite that turns alcohol bring harm to the skin. For those of you who have never drunk alcohol should not think about drinking, okay!

You should know that consuming alcohol can make the skin dehydrated and potentially removes the skin’s natural oils. The freshness of the skin on the wane and very prone to fine lines and wrinkles.

On the other hand, alcohol also triggers blood vessels to dilate improperly so that the skin becomes red. As a result of acne easily emerge quickly. Worse yet if alcohol has become a daily habit then, skin diseases such as rosacea, eczema and psoriasis can be more directions.

3. Lack of drinking water

However, to keep the skin to stay healthy white liquid such as drinking water is necessary to maintain the skin’s youthfulness and elasticity. This fluid will reduce the risk of dry skin and dull. Thus, it continues to meet your daily amount of drinking water so that toxins in the body can come out more easily. With so your skin becomes more fresh and healthy.

4. Lack of sleep

Indeed, sleep is the best way to relax your body from fatigue of everyday activities. Why so?
Sleep is good and true is a very important time for the skin cells to repair themselves from damage. When you sleep hormone will be produced a lot more to repair cells that have been damaged or lost, but when you are sleep deprived hormone production becomes inhibited. As a result, skin regeneration is not optimal, and the skin layer decreases. Lacks of sleep also causes you easily stressed so easily dull skin and aggravate acne risk.

5. Do not clean the makeup when going to sleep

One of the bad habits that should be avoided when going to sleep is to cleaner the remnants of makeup on the skin of the face. However, it is very important that skin the pores are not clogged. Remember, the remnants of which still clinging makeup can seep into the pores of the skin so that skin health impaired. If this continues to appear acne risk your skin is likely to occur.

6. Lazy replace pillowcases and bed linen

In addition to cleaning the skin before bed helps you pay attention to the cleanliness of the bed. Pillowcases, bed sheets or blankets often become your gear while sleeping so that sweat can be bad bacteria and stick to the equipment. Not only is it forgot to clean the remnants of makeup because fatigue can also be attached to a fixture so that the risk of skin affected by acne becomes larger.

Therefore, try replacing your sleeping equipment such as pillowcases, bed sheets, or blankets regularly once a week so as not to aggravate the condition of your skin.

7. Lazy wash makeup sponges and brushes

Makeup equipment has become a mainstay of women to appear more beautiful and charming. However, do not let you forget to wash makeup sponges and brushes are often used. Tools makeup were never cleaned tend to have bad bacteria to the skin. As a result of acne, blackheads become adverse effects are poorly thought out. Whereas for-many women have acne or blackheads is a great danger.

Therefore, clean sponge and brush regularly using current makeup brush cleaner or soft Shampoo least once a week. Also, avoid using tools makeup interchangeably because you do not know the condition of the skin either relatives or friends.

8. Clean your face with hot water

Some people clean the skin with hot water with the presumption being able to open the pores of the skin so that the dirt can be removed. On the other hand the use of hot water instead trigger the declining number of natural oils from the skin. Even makes the skin becomes reddened. Indeed, facial steam should do, but note the temperature of the water temperature used. Using warm water is better than water with a temperature hot enough.

9. Too often clean face and exfoliating

Clean your face and exfoliating or peeling skin are allowed. However, doing it too often can actually make the skin dry, irritated and red. Wash your face two to five times a day. Make exfoliating once a week if your skin type tends to dry or twice a week for oily skin. Avoid exfoliator or scrub too rough as it can cause inflammation of the skin.

10. Hobby squeeze pimples and hold the face

Having acne is infuriated for most women. Therefore, they try to do things that allow acne easily lost. Despite your good intentions do not choose the way squeeze acne prone skin to remove the bumps. Indeed, this can sometimes eliminate acne faster, but the skin with acne scars can be black and can be seen clearly by the eye.

Also avoid the habit of touching the skin of the face with his hands. After all the hand is part, of the body that is easy to get dirty. If you hold your face too often, the dirt on the hands can be attached to your skin.

11. Attaching the phone to the face

Currently the phone is a modern tool that every day is most often used. So do not be surprised if the phone has more bacteria because it is always in contact with the hands directly.
On this avoid tapping your phone on your skin when you call. With so dirt in the phone does not switch to your skin and cause acne worse.

12. Perform waxing on the face

Whiskers or fine hairs on the face may reduce confidence in some women. However, do waxing to eliminate not recommended by experts dermatologist. Waxing can actually damage the skin and cause wrinkles, infection, and inflammation that is difficult to treat. If you still want to remove it, select the laser method is more secure.

In conclusion, have facial skin clean, healthy, and smooth is a dream for everyone, be it a woman or a man. However, note your treatment on facial skin. Do not let you do a daily habit that actually aggravate your skin.


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