Lifestyle is a choice each person. However, do you know the way of  live? Some people choose a healthy lifestyle as a smart choice. But, on the other hand, there are many people who do a poor lifestyle, indeed, every choice there are consequences to be considered, but it would be wise if you want to choose healthy lifestyles as a priority.

If considered more serious course you should know that lifestyle can affect the health of the body. The diversity of diseases that arise most likely not due to a virus that enters the body. However, the disease may arise because of your bad lifestyle.

Do you know how many diseases arising from poor lifestyle?

Diabetes, heart attacks, high blood pressure and stroke is a small part of the result of poor lifestyle. Of course you do not want to experience that, right?

Unfortunately for adopting a healthy lifestyle today tend to be difficult. The amount of food available and the demands of hectic activity sometimes makes people often ignore healthy lifestyle. As a result the body is sick because of a trivial matter. If you want to be healthy it’s time you implement a good lifestyle and correct.

Tips for Starting a Healthy Lifestyle


1. Get enough rest and quality

To obtain a healthy body you try to sleep enough. Ideally, every day you sleep 5-8 hours a day. Also try to sleep quality so that conditions your body to stay fresh when awakened. You should turn off the lights at bedtime so that your body can rest well and properly.

Sleep with the lights still on encouraging some members of the body such as the eyes do not rest in total so that the eye nerve is still working resist the light. Additionally dark conditions allow the production of the hormone melatonin is inhibited. Though this hormone can increase the body’s ability to maintain immunity.

In fact, according to a report of the results of the study at Ohio State University Medical Center, said that sleeping in a state of light was still on a negative impact on the structural changes in the brain and cause depression.

2. Consume enough water

Maybe you thought that water only serves relieve thirst, dehydration or maintain fluid balance in the body. That is true, but do you know the other benefits of consuming water?

Controlling calories, lose weight, increase energy is another part of the benefits of consuming water you should know. Besides water also helps remove toxins from the body, maintain kidney function and no less important for the skin of the body of water is to make skin smooth and fresh and prevent premature aging of the skin. Is it not important enough for your healthy lifestyle?

Do familiarize yourself consuming sugary drinks to excess. Excessive sugar consumption can lead to obesity and premature aging body. Also, avoid products bottled drink water and energy drinks enhancer supplements. In the short-term you may be fine, but 10-20 years later?

3. Consumption of food clean and healthy

Good food is food that enables the vitality and health of the body is maintained with excellence. For that you need a lot of foods that contain nutrients needed by the body.

The food was kept clean can prevent you from food contaminated with bad bacteria that cause disease. Of course you do not want it to eat food that will end up with dangerous diseases.

There are many healthy foods that you can eat as vegetables (spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, etc.), fruits (oranges, avocados, apples, bananas, etc.), meat or fish. For this you can customize it to the needs of every day. So, do not all have to exist over the kitchen table.

Reduce or avoid foods that contain preservatives such as instant noodles or snack packs. The consumption of such foods can make you quickly exhausted and without strength.

4. Think positive

The number of problems often encountered someone sometimes making it hard to think. Not in the sense of crazy, but it’s hard to think positively. Especially when it’s dealing with a job or household. Of course the burden of thinking is increasingly threatening brain.

In this case I realized that it was not easy to address these issues simultaneously. But, do not let yourself perish because it is often so negative. You should know that your mind can affect health.

Positive thinking has many benefit such as not easily stressed and boost immunity. Therefore, try each face a problem you by thinking positive so that your health are not rapidly declined.

The easiest way to think positively is that you believe in destiny the good and the bad. That way when misfortune befalls, you can be patient while if you’re getting your enjoyment grateful. By this, I am sure you will get better health.

5. Exercise

In fact to get a healthy life you need to have a healthy body. It is, therefore, important for you to spend your time each day for exercise. No need much time, but you do this routine. Moreover, adjust to work or your daily physical activity by that sport so that you do not feel excessive fatigue.

The benefits are quite from sport should be motivate you to do so. At least a good sport and can actually help the skin more toned, healthy and energetic, lose weight and keep the shape of the body remains proportional. Besides exercise also helps you sleep better and positive thinking. Is that not this exciting style of healthy life-style?

6. Keeping the environment clean

To keep your body stay healthy and fit should you start from keeping the environment clean. A clean environment also help you avoid dangerous disease because of garbage or dirt. You know that the trash or dirt could become a hotbed of diseases such as dengue fever.

Environmental hygiene also maintain the quality of the air remains cool in the morning and stay healthy until the evening. It’s a great pleasure if you adopt a healthy lifestyle. Besides the many benefit is also easy to do.

7. Stay away from bad habits

Even if you have been running practice on health. But, you still have to avoid the bad habits that can damage health. Stay away from habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, sleeping with his stomach or sleeping with the lights on, often angry and others.

All the bad habits tend to make you easily stressed, tired, exhausted, and cause disease in the body. As a result you have to frequently go to the doctor for treatment. Do you want to go to the doctor to spend money every week?

In conclusion because, health is very expensive even people willing to spend big to heal. Then, still keep your health. The easiest way is you adopt a healthy lifestyle. In addition to practical you also do not need to be expensive to implement.


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