It is wonderful when we have a healthy and strong teeth. How not to tooth cavities manicured possibility is small. In addition, it is also not easy sore gums due to the effect of dental health.
The problem many people underestimate dental health. One example that we often hear is lazy to brush teeth regularly. Brushing teeth twice a day is sometimes a hard thing to do even adults still lazy. And with this habit possibility of developing diseases such as gum infection becomes larger.

On this course you do not want to experience other negative effects of poor dental conditions such as tooth decay and bad breath. Besides troublesome tooth condition to talk it also affects confidence when communicating with others. By faucet it’s important for you to notice the condition of dental health.

Effective Tips to keep teeth healthy and strong

Teeth Healthy

1. Build a good habit of brushing your teeth

To get a healthy dental condition that a plan is needed. It’s not a pleasant thing to do, but in order to realize the best condition of your teeth good habits should be prioritized.

Brushing the teeth two times a day is the best way to bring the condition of your teeth to be healthy. Besides useful to make more healthy teeth brushing teeth also make your teeth whiter. Not only was the content of fluoride in toothpaste allow your teeth stronger. So when you eat hard foods such as guava not hurt.

Then when what you should be brushing your teeth? Although brushing your teeth two times a day is good and highly recommended by dentists. But, many people are paying less attention to the best time to brush the teeth so that the nutrients to be less than the maximum. The best time to brush teeth is after breakfast and before bed. So, do not hesitate to spend your free time to brush your teeth so healthy and strong.

2. Rinsing with mouthwash

For maximum results so that your teeth healthy and strong helps you gargle with mouthwash. No need to be routinely performed after brushing. But, you can do a minimum of once a week.

Not without reason I recommend it. In fact, to brush their teeth less well are still allows dental plaque or tartar. As a result of dental health is still in doubt. Moreover, it can trigger the condition of the gums that is easy to infection. Therefore, make sure you set aside your monthly money to buy a good quality mouthwash your dental health can be assured.

3. Brushing the right way

I alluded above that brushing teeth can allow new problems. Therefore, you get used to brush your teeth properly and appropriately. That way you do not need to do it again to get maximum results.

The best way to brush teeth is a toothbrush must reach the entire surface of the tooth. Keep him starting from the gums to the teeth so that the narrow gaps between the teeth can be reached by the brush. It is important to remember that gap is the best place leftovers to hide. Remember, leftovers also be the cause of tartar.

4. Be careful using teeth whitening

Most people want whiter teeth in practice so that they choose to use bleach teeth. It is not wrong if you choose a faster way. But, it is not a smart choice if you do not pay attention to the risk of tooth whitener.

Short-term risks of drug teeth whitening is becoming more sensitive teeth is not uncommon even lead to irritation of the gums. As for the long-term risk that could arise is the erosion of tooth enamel or inflammation. So do not be surprised if the doctor does not recommend wearing excessive tooth whitener.

5. Choose a toothbrush that has soft bristles

One important aspect is the use of brushing teeth toothbrush. If the brush is used rough it can lead to pain in the gums. If it continues it is not likely to be bleeding when brushing your teeth. Therefore, choose a soft toothbrush so it does not cause the problem.

6. Avoid the consumption of foods containing sugar

Consuming any food is actually up to you because of your own doing. However, to maintain dental health helps you avoid eating foods that contain sugar. You should know that the remnant of the food is very easy to stick to the teeth.

If you find it difficult to avoid foods that contain sugar helps you adjust to the time of brushing your teeth. So it is likely the remnants of food are not too long attached to the teeth down the health of your teeth.

7. Consumption of fruits and vegetables are good for teeth

For the health of your teeth better pay attention to the consumption of fruit and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables can help nutrition in your teeth and flossing. For this you can consume apples, carrots, celery, and so forth.8. Reduce consumption of coffee drinks, soda and bottled mineral water

One of the habits of consumption of coffee or tea drink excessively it also can damage teeth. The content in coffee allows the teeth to be easy to yellow. Even if you are difficult to avoid do not be stingy to brush their teeth more often so that the impact of these beverages can be suppressed.

Even try to reduce drink bottled mineral water. According to Brett Silverman (dentist from Georgia) of bottled mineral water in the purification process allows the water more acidic and can cause tooth decay. So, do not rely on bottled water for your daily drinks.

9. Make checks to the dentist regularly

If you want to keep teeth healthy and strong teeth do not hesitate to consult your doctor every six months. There are many benefit that you can get from dental health examination. One of them was a doctor can detect tooth and gum problems at an early stage. If there is a tiny cavities doctors can do medical treatment so the possibility of tooth loss does not occur. In addition, you really need the advice of a doctor so your teeth stay healthy and strong is true and correct.

In conclusion, although the teeth are small parts of the body. However, it is worth attention should not be omitted. Ignore it can cause new problems in the teeth. Paying attention to your habits the teeth are indispensable for the achievement of your teeth to stay healthy and strong.


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