The bad habits that lead to obesity. Have the ideal body is the dream of the woman, but it is also a pleasure for men. How not to ideal body we will easily indulge. There was also a positive impact on confidence when meeting someone. So no wonder that obesity is a big problem for most people in the world.

Unfortunately the bad habits that are often the cause of obesity. As a result, they have trouble doing every day activities. Not only that obesity also causes health rapidly declined since the body is exhausted. Instead of stepping out of the house freely to walk a few minutes can be a burdensome thing.

It basically obesity occurs because the amount of fat in the body increases are not fair. But, you should also know that obesity does not only come from meat. Therefore, do not think narrowly about the causes of obesity because, if you are so sure you will be sorry.

The bad habits that lead to obesity

The bad habits that lead to obesity

1. Eat low fat foods in large quantities

Actually, almost everyone knows that eating high fat foods can cause obesity. So no wonder they think twice to buy food with high fat content such as meat. And buy food with low fat content.

On this, they feel safe from the dangers of obesity. How not to consume low-fat foods, the body definitely avoid obesity. However, they forget something that is that eating foods with low fat content if consumed too often can make high levels of fat in the body slowly. As a result, they will be obese without them knowing it.

2. Practice diet without consulting a nutritionist

When you decide to diet then take smart steps to frequently consult a nutritionist. It is very important that your diet goes smoothly and without risk. Most people ignore this resulting in the consumption of foods that are not balanced. Consequently, diet lived painstakingly ends with going to the doctor for treatment.

Therefore do not go on a diet without involving a nutritionist. However, they know the condition of your body with the examination. In addition to the doter you can know what foods should be consumed. So you do not consume any food and even result in illness or obesity.

3. Eating in a hurry or quickly

Because of the demands of work or thoughts often faced pressure allows one to overlook how to eat right. Some even eat in a hurry or quickly because they do not want to spend a longer time to eat.

On this fact you should be careful. Basically, it took about 15-20 minutes for the brain to detect the satiety of the stomach. So that the food intake without brain control could end up hoarding calories in the body. Therefore do not be surprised if you become fat because of it.

4. Eating mounting

Most people when eating, the stomach should feel satisfied. To speed it is not uncommon to eat with a mounting portion into pilhan. Though it is a negative impact on your stomach.

Maybe you feel at ease with the meal because it is not high in fat. But you need to realize that the portion of food as it could lead to widening the size of your stomach. As a result you will eat with the mounting portion sizes. Remember, the more your stomach widen the amount of food that must be signed to be a lot more. therefore, avoid eating foods that make you very satisfied.

5. Little sleep

Shows a good thing if you sleep with enough time. Ideally someone was sleeping about eight hours a day. It is important to remember the night when people tend to be hungry and ready to eat the middle of the night.

Yet the timing of the body should rest full night. If you sleep in a day are not fulfilled, then it could increase ghlerin hormone (the hormone that stimulates appetite) and lowering leptin (a hormone that suppresses appetite). If you continue this habit, then do not be surprised if you have to grease.

6. Lazy sports

It is undeniable that the sport is very important for health. This is because when people exercise the number of calories in the body will burn. Therefore, do not be lazy to exercise so that the calories in the body not being Causes of obesity.

In conclusion, despite the fact that obesity may also occur because of heredity. But, it only happens to a few people in the world. Even the most frequent Causes of obesity is an unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, avoid bad habits at the top so that you are not overweight.


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